Orgie Breather


Kirk Anderson (Acting, Agility) There Is a Happiness That Morning Is Theater Oobleck
Mickle Maher (Literary Genius) There Is a Happiness That Morning Is Theater Oobleck
Colm O'Reilly (Acting, Gusto) There Is a Happiness That Morning Is Theater Oobleck
Diana Slickman (Acting, Grace) There Is a Happiness That Morning Is Theater Oobleck
Theater Oobleck (Production) There Is a Happiness That Morning Is

This year, the Orgie Theatre Award Committee contacted a representative for Theater Oobleck. At an appointed time and place, the very kind Diana Slickman was met by a M.O.O. (Masked Orgie Operative) who drove up in an unmarked car, and delivered to her a sparkly black box containing the Orgie Award trophies for the winners.


Lindsey Barlag, Shannon Clausen, Adam Hinkle, Aileen May, Alexander Ring, Allison Cain, Andre LaSalle, Andrew Hanback, Anthony Demarco, Brian Hinkle, Briana De Giulio, Bries Vannon, Candice Gregg, Carlo Lorenzo Garcia, Caroline Neff, Chris Ward Blumer, Colleen Miller, Craig Cunningham, D'wayne Taylor, Dereck Garner, Derek Brummet, Eileen Montelione, Elliot Ivins, Gavin Robinson, Geoff Button, Jennifer Santanello, Jeremy Noll, Joseph DeBettencourt, Kasia Januszewski, Katherine Schwartz, Keely Brennan, Kevin V. Smith, Leslie Frame, Lindsey Pearlman, Marika Engelhardt, Michael Dice, Michele Gorman, Molly Reynolds, Nick Mikula, Noah Simon, Ramon Madrid, Raymond Shoemaker, Richard Cotovsky, Rob Fenton, Rudy Galvan, Ryan Bourque, Ryan Martin and, Alice Wedoff, Ebony Wimbs (Ensemble Acting) Cherrywood Mary-Arrchie
Mary Shen Barnidge (Criticism with Integrity) Various publications
Sarah Bendix (Puppet Design) Axe Lizzie & The Possession of Alice Von Truskin Cock & Bull Theatre
Blair Thomas & Company (Conception and Creation) Hard Headed Heart Blair Thomas & Company
Seth Bockley (Direction) 1001 Collaboraction
Kirsten Fitzgerald, Mierka Girten, Lawrence Grimm, Danny McCarthy, Natalie West (Ensemble Acting) Abigail's Party Red Orchid Theatre
Melissa Hawkins (Acting) I Killed My Mother Theatre Y
David Isaacson (Playwriting) Casanova Takes a Bath Theater Oobleck
Irene Marquette (Production Joie de Vivre) 40 Whacks Annoyance Theatre
Turk Muller (Acting) The Informer Prop Thtr
Christopher Piatt (Creation and Curation) The Paper Machete
Charles Pike (Adaptation) The Informer Prop Thtr
Greg Poljacik (Fight Choreography) The Artist Needs a Wife Side Project
Mike Rice (Direction in Unconventional Space) The Censor Ebb and Flow Theatre
Andra Velis Simon & Myron Silberstein (Musical Direction) Boojum! Caffeine Theatre and Chicago Opera Vanguard

Special Acknowledgements:
~ Victory Gardens Theatre for hosting Mike Daisey's controversial "How Theatre Failed America"
~ Jeremy Weschler for spear-heading the innovative design of Theatre Wit's high-quality back-stage area
~ Carlo Lorenzo Garcia for founding Living Philanthropic


Rich Cotovsky (Direction) How To Disappear Completely and Never Be Found Mary-Arrchie
Jeff Dorchen (Playwriting) Strauss at Midnight Theatre Oobleck
Mike Driscoll & Simone Jubyna (Production) iTsarovia! Citizens Relief
Sara Gorsky (Acting) Breed With Me The Mammals
Ed Jones (Acting) Poseidon! An Upside-down Musical Hell in a Handbag Productions
Keith Kupferer (Acting) The Unseen Red Orchid
Diana Slickman (Unsung Theatre Hero) Various
Robbie Q. Telfer & Shanney J. Maney (Creation/Curators) The Encyclopedia Show The Encyclopedia Show

Special Acknowledgements:
~ Goodman Theatre's A Global Exploration: Eugene O'Neill in the 21st Century for hosting work from exciting
international theatres, as well as the local Neo Futurists' bold rendition of Strange Interlude
~ The Magpies' Happy Family Series for providing a stage for some of Chicago's most quirky and daring talent


Greg Allen, Jay Torrence, and Ensemble (Artistic Direction) Neo-Futurists
As Told by the Vivian Girls (Production) Dog & Pony
David Cromer (Acting) Our Town The Hypocrites
Jen Engstrom (Acting) Fatboy A Red Orchid Theatre
The Malady of Death (Production) Rooms Productions
Coya Paz & Tanya Saracho (Artistic Direction) Teatro Luna
Shawn Reddy (Playwriting) The Great Galvini Curious Theatre Branch – 2008 Rhino Fest
Will Schultz (Acting) The Birthday Party Signal Ensemble
Stacy Stoltz (Acting) Miss Julie The Hypocrites

Special Acknowledgements:
Goodman Theatre's Latino Festival 08 for hosting such inspiring works as Marta Carrasco's J'ARRIVE...!
and MCA Stage 08 for bringing exhilarating theatre like Elevator Repair Service's GATZ to Chicago.


Amanda Dravecky, Sarah McMurray, Julian Pike, Emily Schwartz, and Max Wagner (Production Ambience)
Mr. Spacky Strange Tree Group
Mikhail Fiskel (Sound Design/Original Composition) The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow Collaboraction
Allen Gilmore (Acting) Joe Turner's Come and Gone Congo Square Theatre
Idris Goodwin (Playwriting) Danger FaceTrilogy Hermit Arts
Mickle Maher (Playwriting) The Strangerer Theater Oobleck
Mickel Maher, Guy Massey, Colm O'Reilly (Ensemble) The Strangerer Theater Oobleck
Courtney O'Neill (Set Design) MUD The Hypocrites
Beau O'Reilly Producing Rhino Fest Curious Theatre Branch
Joshua Schmidt & Jason Loewith (Music Composition/Libretto) The Adding Machine Next Theatre
Guy Van Swearingen (Acting) Blasted A Red Orchid Theatre


Nathan Allen (Music Composition) Valentine Victorious The House Theatre of Chicago
Brandon Bruce (Direction) Tango Chopin Theatre
Mark Comiskey, Dominic Conti, Sharon Gopfert, Tere Parks (Ensemble) Live Feed Plasticene
Zeljko Dukic (Artistic Direction) Huddersfield, Tracks TUTA
Chuck Likar (Acting) Fellow Travelers Stage Left Theatre
Jenny Magnus, Guy Massey, Kat McJimsey, Kathleen Powers, Beau O'Reilly, Colm O'Reilly, Vickie Walden, Teresa Weed (Ensemble) No Danger of the . . . Spiritual Thing Curious Theatre Branch
Lily Mojekwu (Acting) Another Part of the House Teatro Vista
Grant Sabin (Set Design) Killers Mary-Arrchie Theatre


Richard Cotovsky (Artistic Direction) Abby Hoffman Died For Our Sins XVII Mary-Arrchie Theater
K.K. Dodds (Acting) AmeriKafkaTrap Door Theatre
Zygmunt Dyrkacz (Producing) La Luna and Aztec Hotel Teatre Cogitatur at Chopin Theatre
Joseph Fosco (Sound Design) The Conversation Pyewacket Theatre
Sean Graney (Directing) 4:48 Psychosis The Hypocrites
Tracy Letts (Directing) People Annihilation or My Liver is Senseless Trap Door Theatre
Stacy Stoltz (Acting) 4:48 Psychosis The Hypocrites
Rob Whitaker (Set Design) Him The Viaduct